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30 / 08 / 2016

Open Day 2016

Spring has sprung, the Flat's green again,

So an invite to you, our dear Wollie friends:

Open Day 2016 is a-fast-approachin'

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30 / 08 / 2016

Melbourne Cup Weekend Work Party

Whilst the horses race and punters shout and folks fall in the grass,
We'll be up at Wollangarra working off our #**#,
The garden will be pumping along and the Flat will be plump and green,
But a hot ...

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The weekend weather will have a bit of moisture in it, not heaps, but a dampening, so pack your warm and dry gear to make the most of the fun on offer. There'll be plenty of space to throw a tent up in the paddock, or in the quiet camping area in "The Wattles", but we're now out of bunk room beds and mattresses (unless of course you've already called up and booked one - well done organised you!). So, get to it and we'll see you on that green green grass underneath beautiful mountain skies!

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There'll be plenty of goodies for sale at Open Day - beanies, mittens, all your favourite Wollangarra merchandise and let's not forget the amazing auction! There'll be refurbished old tools, weekends away at the beach or in the mountains, delicious treats and a day of labour from the 2016 Staff Team. Not to be missed! See you then! ... See MoreSee Less

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Open Day 2016

October 1, 2016, 10:00am - October 2, 2016, 12:00pm

Wollangarra Open Day - a celebration of all that is Wollangarra! Spring has sprung, the Flat's green again, So an invite to you, our dear Wollie friends: Open Day 2016 is a-fast-approachin' So start planning your visit - no slow-coachin'! A unique little day up on the Macalister River, And with anticipation, here's what will make you quiver, Tasty food, fun games, demonstrations of skills long lost, An auction, bush dancing, crosscut saw and a sheaf toss! See, at a Woll Open Day there's plenty for your whole gang, From grandma right down to the little tacker with one fang! A real family day, that you can be assured, Here's what else for you we have procured: Silly games to get that "dag" factor out, From tug-o'-war to getting porridge on your snout, And serious ones too, because some like competition, So find your best partner for Crosscut Saw competition admission! There'll be demonstators about and this might interest you, As there's hand-shearing, hand-spinning and wool-felting too! Blacksmithing and wood working as in the bush days of old, Surely for your visit up here, is that enough to be sold? But wait, like steak knives, there's some more! As the day wanes an auction we have in store! Hand-crafted and restored old goods from those with rare skill, Fine art, amazing experiences, to miss it you'd be a dill! Once dinner is served we begin to clear back the floor, As a star-lit bush dance brings us back to days yore, Dancing a merry jig with old and new mates, What a day it'll be, so come fill yer' plates! And talking of plates, did we mention the food? Home-made real tucker that'll keep you in a good mood. And if it's quenching a thirst, worry not, for that we can do, There'll be a full bar, and a full cafe too! So, an invite this is, as silly as can be, But one to share with the whole family! Come for the day or, the whole weekend, As this experience you may wish to extend! Wollangarra Open Day 2016, I don't know about you, but we're keen beans! A celebration of all that makes this place tick, So head to the Flying Fox and over the River - quick-stick! We hope to see you there, The 2016 Wollies. Further details: * Cost Weekend Tickets (includes entry, Saturday lunch, dinner, Sunday breakfast and a drink and cake from the Stage III cafe) - Concession $30 - Adult $50 - Family $100 (2 adults and 2 kids) - additional kids (under 12's $15 each) Saturday Tickets (includes 1 meal, either lunch or dinner, cafe cake and a drink) - Concession $15 - Adult $20 - Family $50 (plus $5 for additional kids) - All games, demonstrations, bush and spontaneous dancing will be free! You want some value? Well then let us lay a rip-roarin' weekend of darn good food and fun on for ya! * AFL Grand Final Worried that the date clashes with the AFL Grand Final? We'll be setting up a designated "Footy Corner" with comfy couches, toasty fire, close to the food (and beverages - did we mention we'll be licensed from lunch time?) and a battery-powered wireless delivering you the best ABC commentary you can get. Listening to the Big League done just how it used to be. Perfect! Don't like the footy and aren't interested in the Grand Final? Easy. There'll be heaps of other stuff on and none of it has anything to do with the footy. Also perfect! * Camping You are encouraged to come up on the Friday night Grand Final Eve public holiday and stay the whole weekend. Plenty of space on the verandahs, or, pitch a tent in the camping areas we'll have set up. * Public Transport Getting there: Friday 30th September Public Holiday Leaving Southern Cross at 1:36pm Arriving into Traralgon at 3:53pm Catch the Wollangarra-Troopy-ride up from there (Please call Wollangarra first to let us know you're coming) Getting home: Sunday 2nd October Leaving Wollangarra front gate by bus around 1:30pm to catch the 2:54pm Train leaving Traralgon Arriving into Southern Cross at 5:10pm. (Again, please call Wollangarra first to let us know you're coming so we can plan what vehicles to use) Or feel free to use this event page wall to car-pool. * Under 18 years old and coming to Open Day without a parent or guardian? Get your parents or guardians to fill out this Event Permission Form and bring it along with you. When you arrive, please give it to one of the Woll staff www.wollangarra.org.au/cms_files/1event_permission_form.pdf * What to bring Yourself. All of your favourite mates. Clothing applicable for the weather (it can get chilly overnight, so warm clothing is a must). Comfy footwear. Tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag. A torch. A drink bottle. Cash for the weekend (there's no fancy electronic money holes-in-the-wall out here). Swimmers. Your cheeky sense of fun. * What not to bring Dogs that haven't been to Woll before (it's a child-friendly place and we don't want a dog about that's not comfortable here. Also, our sheep are nearing lambing and need to be left alone). Alcohol (we'll have a full bar operating and our liqour licence prevents BYO). Hair straighteners. Playstations. People who like to spoil other people's fun. * Getting to and from the Wollangarra front gate There will be shuttle runs from the gate to the flying fox track and back again running on the hour between 10am and 6pm, and 9pm to 11pm on the Saturday, and from 10am to midday on the Sunday. * Flying Fox Yep, it's the way in and out. But we'll have some friendly folks available to help get you to and from Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre over the course of the weekend. It's fun, and not as nearly as scary as it sounds. * We've just found out that the Friday is now a public holiday. We have both Stage II and III courses on at Wollangarra finishing that day and we request that you DO NOT COME UP BEFORE 2pm for Open Day unless otherwise negotiated with the staff. Please respect this. Thank you. (Dan). More information as it, and internet access, come to hand.

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Attention Stage 2's:

Tomorrow, of all days, there will be changes to the V-Line getting up to Woll. Listen up so you know what's going on!

* First of all, bring lunch from home! The delays will mean we'll have to miss the traditional lunch in Heyfield.

* The V-line will still leave from Southern Cross at 10:25am, but it will be a bus - so get there with enough time to get down to the V-Line bus station at Southern Cross!

* The V-line will be a bus to Pakenham, then a train to Morwell. GET OFF AT MORWELL! Claire will meet you at Morwell with a big Heyfield Buslines bus. Meeting in the bus stop on the North-side of the tracks.

* If you were coming from Gippsland and meeting at Traralgon - please now go to MORWELL Train Station - north-side of the tracks. The meeting time at Morwell is now 1:10pm.

* If you were meeting at Heyfield, please meet Dan there at the Apex Park (closest to Busy B's) at 2pm. He'll take you up to Woll from there.

Please call Claire at Woll to let her know that you've got this message as she is currently making her way through trying to contact all 40-gazzillion of you and this will help her out heaps. The Homestead phone number is 5148 0492.

Good on ya's! We're looking forward to it all! See ya's tomorrow!

Much public transport love,

The 2016 Wollies.
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