Outdoor Leader Position

Become an Outdoor Leader for 2022!

Rewild your soul, become the Wollangarra team 2022. Live on the off-grid Wollangarra homestead delivering unique and deeply engaging outdoor education to young people. You will gain qualifications and experience in group leading, homesteading and bushcraft to name a few. Wollangarra has been using less to deliver more to connect young people to themselves, their communities and environment since 1989. In 2022, Wollangarra offers you the opportunity to take young people from lockdowns to mountaintops. We are seeking mature, skilled and committed individuals willing to role-model the Wollangarra ethos as a tool to help foster connection to community, self and nature.

For further details on 2022 Outdoor Leader positions, please get in contact with Directors Toby or Kay on 51480492 or via email directors@wollangarra.org.au