Risk and Safety

Risk and Safety

At Wollangarra we take safety very seriously. We have been running safe, enjoyable and memorable programs for over 30 years, and the safety and wellbeing of our young people has always been our number one priority.

We are dedicated to providing a physically, mentally, emotionally safe space for all people that come to Wollangarra.

We have extensive Emergency Management, Bushfire Management and Risk Management Plans. These plans cover a wide range of scenarios and procedures required. They have been developed over our 30 years of running programs, and are reviewed regularly.

Our staff undergo significant training, including Wilderness First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Bronze Medallion, and other in-house training


Fire is a risk that needs to be considered in all manner of environments, including urban situations. The remote setting of Wollangarra necessitates specific consideration of a number of factors, including the use of equipment and facilities at Wollangarra.

The Fire Management Plan developed for Wollangarra includes consideration of:

  • How evacuation is facilitated safely and calmly on Code Red Days
  • Fire season preparation – homestead sprinklers, PPE, fire bunker cleaned, etc
  • Annual staff training in fire behaviour
  • Communication protocols and how we receive and distribute information

Code Red Days

Wollangarra has specific procedures to manage Code Red Days. These procedures have been developed by sourcing information from the Department of Education, and best practise within the outdoor industry.

Code Red Days are declared by 5 pm on the previous day by the DELWP. This information is communicated to the Directors by the Wollangarra Council and other community members.

On Code Red Days no students will be at Wollangarra – they will leave the property the day prior and remain off the property for the duration of the Code Red Day. Additionally, young people will be removed from hike the day before and travel on such days will only occur in consultation with the DELWP. It is possible that the young people may need to return to their school on Code Red Days. The school will be informed of any movement of young people on or before Code Red Days and Wollangarra will maintain communication with organising teachers.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any queries or concerns regarding our risk and safety procedures at Wollangarra.