Sponsored Places

Sponsored Places

Our current sponsored places have been generously supported by the Australian Communities Foundation through the Hamer Sprout Fund.

Wollangarra has always offered sponsored spots to any young person who would otherwise be unable to attend one of our programs.

We offer both fully and partially (50%) sponsored places for holiday programs and school programs. We also run many programs at or below cost-price. Our holiday programs run at cost-price, and we have run below cost-price for a number of diverse groups in the past.

Our commitment to engaging a diverse community and ensuring high quality outdoor education is accessible through sponsored places reflect the strong set of values by which Wollangarra operates.

We remain committed to making Victoria’s mountains and High Country accessible to young people of all financial backgrounds. Money is never a barrier to a young person’s Wollangarra journey.

To utilise a sponsored place for a holiday program, please call the homestead on (03) 5148 0492 and ask for the code, which is then applied at the checkout. We never ask questions and never refuse a request for sponsorship

To utilise a sponsored place for a school program, please contact your school camp coordinator directly. 

If you would like to make a donation, please head to our How to Help tab for see more information.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us (general@wollangarra.org.au) or call us at the homestead (03) 5148 0492