We pride ourselves on providing high quality, accessible, and rewarding Outdoor Education experiences to young people from across Victoria. Our programs use aim to provide a safe, empowering space where young people can work with purpose, challenge themselves, and build their social and emotional skills amongst peers. Through this we also aim to foster care of our environment and excitement of how to protect it

We run both school group programs and holiday programs. Head here for more info on school group bookings

We run our holiday Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 programs through every holiday period of the year. All new young people (14-17 years old) must start with a Stage 1: Meeting the Mountains week long program (note: if attending through a school program then you will be completing a Stage 1 program). After completing a Stage 1, young people are able to attend our Stage 2: Adopting the Mountains follow up program. For more information regarding our specific holiday programs, click on the sqaures below. 

School holiday programs currently cost $250 per participant. We aim to keep this cost as low as possible, and try to ensure that Wollangarra programs are accessible to all young people who want to attend. However, this cost increases annually to ensure it covers the costs of running programs.

Full and partial sponsorships are available on every course. Please don’t hesitate to call Wollangarra on 03 5148 0492 or email to discuss.