Labour Day Weekend Workparty

Labour Day Weekend Workparty

11 / 03 / 2017 – 13 / 03 / 2017 all-day
Labour Day Weekend Workparty

A long weekend is on us again,
So what to do with these glorious days, my friends?
Well, pack the bag and come up to Woll,
Where life certainly is never dull!

With plenty to do in the early autumn sun,
And the swimming hole of course, that’ll be fun!
Many a fine job to get stuck right into,
And dirt from the garden under your fingernails to take with you!

There’ll be plenty of tucker to stick in your belly,
And plenty of entertainment, minus the telly!
A mattress on the verandah, or under the stars,
And hanging by the fire with the 2017 staff superstars!

So come on up and bring a mate as well,
And come and stay at Woll’s “Starlight Hotel”
Bring something tasty to share in the communal pot,
And be sure to call first and grab yourself a mattress spot!

(And ya mates!)

Getting stuck in to fun tasks and things up at Woll.

Friday evening 10th March, through to Monday arvo 13th March

Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre

Well, make sure ya book the date in your calendar. Then the week or two beforehand, ya call us up and let us know first, and book a mattress on the verandah, or a bed in a bunkroom, or a spot on the V-Line pick-up and drop-off, if you need, and ask if there’s anything you can bring along. We usually give ya a food item or two to bring off the menu to contribute to the weekend, then you make sure that comes up, so we have enough snags, or pumpkin, or whatever. Then ya get up here, and we do some work, stop, eat, do some work, stop, swim, eat, sleep, repeat, etc. Then at the end of it all, we make Woll look snazzy again for the next group coming in, then ya head home, full of happy memories, and hopefully with a few new friends, or some deepened old ones.

‘Cause we need a hand to get it all done up at Woll, amongst everything else we have going on. And almost 30 years of building, running and maintaining Woll has taught us that it’s always better to do things as a community, with others, and to share the stories ’round the fire at the end of a day,

Train Times:
Gettin’ there:
4:58pm leaving Southern Cross
7:11pm arriving into Traralgon
(Grab a pizza, or await a later bowl of grub from Woll upon arrival).

Gettin’ home:
2:54pm leaving Traralgon
5:11pm arriving into Southern Cross
(we will have lunch back at Woll before leaving).
2:54pm leaving Traralgon
5:11pm arriving into Southern Cross
(we will have lunch back at Woll before leaving).

There’ll be a Friday night pick-up, and a Sunday and a Monday Arvo drop-off. Let us know if you want anything else amongst that and we’ll see if we can fit it in.

Catch ya soon folks!

The 2017 Wollies.