How to Help

How to Help

Amazing people rallying together is the backbone of Wollangarra. Your contributions help keep us going.

There are a multitude of different ways you can help Wollangarra:

1) Donating specific items we’re after on our Wish List. It’s always being updated!

2) Donating Money with a tax deductible donation to our public fund, or a donation to our Stage Threes or Alpine Walkers.

3) Donating your time to volunteer at Woll – helping with programs and on open flat weeks is an amazing way to take part and meet the Woll community

4) Following us on social media, sending us care packages, coming to events – It might not seem like much to give us a ‘Like’ or share a post, but we like being reminded that you’re all thinking of us and following what we’re up to!

5) Have another idea on how you can help Woll? Contact us and let us know about it.