Director Position

Director/s Position

The Wollangarra Director role is a once in a lifetime 2-3 year live-in position suited to either a couple or individual. The Director/s are the heart of our strong community for their time at Wollangarra, and each new person in the role brings with them new knowledge, experience and personality that adds to the vibrant Wollangarra story. Wollangarra prides itself on running high standard outdoor education programs that encourage care for natural spaces and others, foster community and gives young people purpose they can thrive on. 

As an integral member of our small community based around simplicity, the director/s days are filled with hard work and a strong sense of purpose. This is a challenging, but immensely rewarding experience that enables directors to have lasting impacts on the lives of young people, inspiring them alongside the Victorian mountains. This hands-on role is exciting, dynamic, varied and no two days are the same, but overall it centres around overseeing the running of our outdoor education programs for young people that are inspiring, safe and effective, training and managing a staff team, maintaining the Wollangarra homestead, facilities and equipment and administrative tasks. 

The director/s are provided with a small cottage on ‘Tussocky Flat’, nestled in the Gippsland foothills overlooking the Macalister River, as well as food, utilities and a generous honorarium. This position comes up every 2-3 years. If you are interested in the role, we will advertise via our website, social media and newsletter. Feel free to get in touch with our Council Chair, Ross, if you have any questions

This video gives you an idea of what living and working at Wollangarra might be like.