Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links

Our programs, based in simple, slow paced outdoor experiences, link to many areas of the year 9-10 Victorian curriculum. The old-style homestead, lack of electricity, the hiking journey, and the preparing and sharing of healthy and fresh food all provide authentic and meaningful contexts to discuss issues and topics relating to the young people’s lives at home.

The year 9-10 subject curriculum links include:

Health and Physical Education

Devise, implement and refine strategies demonstrating leadership and collaboration skills when working in groups or teams (VCHPEM158)


The interconnection between food production and land and water degradation; shortage of fresh water; competing land uses; and climate change, for Australia and other areas of the world (VCGGK135)

Challenges in feeding the current and projected populations of Australia and the world, and responses to these challenges (VCGGK138)

Perceptions people have of place, and how this influences their connections to different places (VCGGK139)


Global systems, including the carbon cycle, rely on interactions involving the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere (VCSSU128)

Water is an important resource that cycles through the environment (VCSSU101)

Design and Technology

Critically analyse factors, including social, ethical and sustainability considerations, that impact on designed solutions for global preferred futures and the complex design and production processes involved (VCDSTS054)

Investigate and make judgements on the ethical and sustainable production and marketing of food and fibre (VCDSTC057)

The year 9-10 capability curriculum links include:

Personal and social capability

Analyse the significance of independence and individual responsibility in the completion of challenging tasks (VCPSCSE045)

Develop specific skills and a variety of strategies to prevent or resolve conflict, and explore the nature of conflict resolution in a range of contexts (VCPSCSO051)

Evaluate own and others contribution to group tasks, critiquing roles including leadership and provide useful feedback to peers, evaluate task achievement and make recommendations for improvements in relation to team goals (VCPSCSO050)

Critical and creative thinking

Investigate the kind of criteria that can be used to rationally evaluate the quality of ideas and proposals, including the qualities of viability and workability (VCCCTM053)