Donate Your Time to Woll

Throughout the year, Wollangarra welcomes volunteers who can help out on the flat and with programs. Our vollies are an integral part of keeping young people happy, getting meals cooked, keeping hikers hiking, and keeping Wollangarra running!

Volunteering at Wollangarra means you will be involved in running outdoor education programs for young people aged 14-17. You will learn many valuable life skills, farm management, catering, and living simply. Volunteers must be willing to live and work in a small, remote community without electricity.

Wollangarra was established over thirty years ago, but remains more relevant than ever to the young people of today. It provides an opportunity for them to experience a lifestyle based around the simple philosophy of doing rather than talking and fixing rather than complaining.

Each week a new group of young people will come across the Wollangarra flying fox and get to experience a way of life that has largely been forgotten. They’ll leave behind their mobile phones, watches and timetables. They’ll get to bake bread, split wood, tend the veggie garden, collect the eggs and light the fire. With your guidance, they get the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way and feel like a valued member of the community. Your experience will involve lots of laughter, fun, adventure, many rewards and inevitably a challenge or two.

This is a great opportunity for a wide range of individuals: from outdoor educators seeking exceptional work experience, for travellers looking to contribute meaningfully in exchange for useful life skills, for university students looking for a purposeful way to spend their holidays, for job seekers, and anyone interested in increasing their capability in environmental education and simple living.

For more information contact Wollangarra on (03) 5148 0492

Conservation has far more to do with how you actually live, than what you preach or collectively moan about.‘ – Ian Stapleton, Wollangarra Founder