We’re currently looking for schools to fill out our 2021 calendar, if you’re interested please get in contact with our Director Chelsea at the homestead on 5148 0492.

Which Schools Can Attend Wollangarra?

Schools from all over Victoria, both public and private, come to Wollangarra. We try to maintain low running costs in order to keep our fees affordable. However for any student, with a school or independently, we offer sponsorship should they not be able to afford the cost of the program. We run Stage I meeting the mountains programs for school groups. Young people who wish to return in their school holidays for a Stage II program undertake this independently.

Do you arrange transportation to and from Wollangarra?

No, that is for the school to organise. We can pick you up and drop you off in Heyfield if you choose to take public transport ( which is usually a less costly and environmentally friendly option). However you are also welcome to organise a coach or minibus to our front gate.

How much does it cost?

The program cost is $510 (inclusive of GST) per student. As mentioned before, Wollangarra has partial and full sponsorships available for any young person who may struggle with the cost.  Up to two accompanying teachers are free of charge.

Do you have accreditation?

Yes. Wollangarra is accredited with the Victorian Tourism Industry Council (VTIC). This is the main governing body tourism in Victoria. They use the Quality Tourism Framework to accredit organisations and ensure that stringent safety measures are put in place and audit camps on a regular basis. We also are members of the Australian Camps Association and Outdoor Victoria to ensure that we are getting the most up to date industry information.

How many teachers need to accompany a group?

This depends on school policy. The Stage I program can run without any teachers at all, as we supply our own staff, however most schools prefer to send one teacher as a school representative. Up to two teachers may accompany the group at no additional cost. Every teacher after that is charged the standard student price.

Is the teacher required to participate?

Absolutely. We explain to the young people at the beginning of the week that we are all a community, which means each of us needs to do our part to make the community work effectively. This includes teachers. We ask that they participate in the hike and all other group activities, especially as it is a unique opportunity to get to know their students outside of the classroom environment.

Are the Wollangarra staff sufficiently trained and experienced?

Yes they are. We have a mixture of trained outdoor professionals and staff with experience in a myriad of different areas. When out hiking, each group is accompanied by two Wollangarra staff members. They each have their Wilderness First Aid, Bronze Medallion, and 4WD qualifications, and they are also trained in behaviour management, and group dynamics. They operate under the strict protocols for wilderness areas set up by Wollangarra.

How do I explain the camp to the students?

Wollangarra staff are always happy to give a school talk to attending young people (and their families, if so desired). We can make sure they are prepared with the right gear, answer any questions and make sure they are clear about what to expect for their week with us.

How do I book in?

Please give us a call if you are interested to discuss dates and we can answer any other questions you may have.

  • Once dates are agreed upon, you will receive an invoice for your deposit (20% of course cost), along with other important information for your school, your participating students, and their parents. (Please note, the standard course size for Wollangarra is 24 students, and Wollangarra requires a standard course payment for this number. If you are certain you will have less than 18 students, please discuss this with Wollangarra’s Directors or Business Manager and an arrangement will be made).
  • Medical and permission forms are now facilitated through Caremonkey. Wollangarra will assist the organising teacher in this process.
  • At least two weeks prior to your course, you will receive an invoice for your full course cost, excepting your deposit.

How is Wollangarra prepared for bushfire?

Wollangarra has an extensive Emergency Management Plan. This plan covers a wide range of scenarios, not the least being how we manage fire.

Fire is a risk that needs to be considered in all manner of environments, including urban situations. The remote setting of Wollangarra necessitates specific consideration of a number of factors, including the use of equipment and facilities at Wollangarra.

The Fire Management Plan developed for Wollangarra includes consideration of:

  • How evacuation is facilitated safely and calmly on Code Red Days
  • Fire season preparation – homestead sprinklers, PPE, fire bunker cleaned, etc
  • Annual staff training in fire behaviour
  • Communication protocols and how we receive and distribute information

How does Wollangarra respond to Code Red Days?

Wollangarra has specific procedures to manage Code Red Days. These procedures have been developed by sourcing information from the Department of Education, and best practise within the outdoor industry.

Code Red Days are declared by 5 pm on the previous day by the DELWP. This information is communicated to the Directors by the Wollangarra Council and other community members.

On Code Red Days no students will be at Wollangarra – they will leave the property the day prior and remain off the property for the duration of the Code Red Day. Additionally, young people will be removed from hike the day before and travel on such days will only occur in consultation with the DELWP. It is possible that the young people may need to return to their school on Code Red Days.

The school will be informed of any movement of young people on or before Code Red Days and Wollangarra will maintain communication with organising teachers.

To book your school onto a Wollangarra program, email us