Stage Two: Helping the Mountains

Stage 2

Pictured above is a Stage 2 group that worked with a local walking club to restore the track up to the Crinoline.

Before sending in any medical forms please call Wollangarra on 03 5148 0492 to check for availability of places.

Once your place is confirmed please POST, NOT EMAIL (we don’t have internet access on site) two copies of your medical form to:

3439 Heyfield Licola Rd
Licola 3858

There will be a price increase for the Holiday Programs (Stage I and Stage II) from $175 to $200 for the July and all subsequent programs.

Stage Two is a unique opportunity for young people, who enjoyed their first Wollangarra experience, either in school groups or on a holiday program, to come back to Wollangarra, get their hands dirty, see some more amazing mountains and meet lots of other like-minded individuals. The Stage Two programs are always run in the school holidays, usually in the second week. Please check our calendar for upcoming dates.

The program is slightly different to that of a Stage One. Firstly it runs for six days, rather than five and three of those nights are spent out camping. They all camp together in one big group (maximum of 24 young people with four or five staff). This is a great opportunity to really get to know the other people on the program.

Secondly, when Stage Twos go hiking it’s usually much shorter distances, as their purpose is to work on a project in the mountains, which often means carrying tools. These projects could be track work, rebuilding sections of an old high country hut or revegetation. This is all done with the assistance of Wollangarra staff members and sometimes professionals in the field (like Parks Victoria Rangers, stone masons or local walking club members). We also make sure that we have a rest day going for a wander up a river bed or up a mountain nearby.

Thirdly Stage Two is different, because we ask the young people to take on a bit more responsibility around the hike. For example on the day they arrive, they break up into groups to organise the hike food, learn about navigation and sort through all the group gear themselves, with the help and guidance of the Wollangarra staff.

Stage Two is a chance to learn great new skills, like tool use, navigation and bush cooking, meet awesome people and give something back to the mountains which give us all so much.

Can I come if I haven’t done a Wollangarra Stage One?

No, you must have done a Stage I program before coming along on a Stage II.

How many Stage Two programs can I do?

We recommend that you do between one and four Stage Two programs before moving on to Stage III. Once you turn 18, you will be expected to join the Stage III group, but the transition can be considered in a case by case basis.

How do I book in?

Just download and fill out the forms below, check the dates on the calendar and send it all in with a cheque for $200 (made out to Wollangarra) or direct debit that amount to the details on the ‘donate’ page of this website. It is vital that we receive medical forms at least one week before the program, so we can prepare for different dietary requirements and make any necessary enquiries regarding medical issues. We will contact you prior to the program to confirm train times etc.

If you have any other questions please call us on (03) 5148 0492

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