Alpine Walk

Alpine Walkers 2018

Meg Heynes

From a young age, my parents have instilled in me the importance of the environment around me and the ways in which your environment can bring you happiness. I have been grateful enough to be raised in country Victoria where every spare minute was spent playing in the great outdoors, building cubbies, playing games and climbing trees. When I was introduced to Wollangarra, only a few short years ago, my gratitude and awareness of the importance of my environment grew exponentially. Wollangarra has taught me so much about practical conservation, communication, gratitude and so much more! I am stoked to be chosen for Alpine Walk 2018, as this gives me another opportunity to give a little back and allow others, just like me, to be welcomed into the arms of such an influential community.
For my fundraising, I will be making necklaces out of a fallen tree from home and selling them at the local Vintage Market in Wonthaggi. So, if you’re in Bass Coast, feel free to swing by and support a worthy cause.
You could also donate to my walk directly to the Wollangarra bank account, use the reference code MHAW18 so they know it’s for me.
BSB: 633000
Account: 139880017

Angus McGillivray

Hello everyone! I’m Angus and im super dooper excited for alpine walk 2018! Some cool facts about me are; I love to skateboard! For 4 years now ive been spending a lot of my free time skating and i love it! My favourite place is wilsons prom! Since i was tiny ive been heading down there with my family and friends and always having an awesome time. Another cool thing i love to do is come to Woll, since a 2016 school stage 1 i’ve had woll fever. Making my way through stage 2 and now into stage 3, i just cant get enough of the place. To donate to me you can donate through Wolls BSB and account number and in the description put “AMAW18” or just give me cash in person! Any donation goes a long way getting more young people into high places!

BSB: 633000
Account: 139880017

Issy Borley

Heya, my name is Issy and I have been selected for the annual Alpine Walk for Mittagundi and Wollangarra. Firstly, I’m truly appreciative for being chosen for this walk because its quite the experience and I know it will be apart of my life forever. Other then travelling to Wollangarra I’m usually found reading, drawing or playing/listening to music. I’ve been coming up to Wollangarra for the past 2 years, coming up on the third this year, and its been a place where I can be truly comfortable, meet amazing people, and learn a lot more about the environment surrounding me. The most important part of doing Alpine Walk to me is spreading the message of what Wollangarra is and raising as much money as possible to support young people in coming to Wollangarra. I really want as many people as possible to benefit and enjoy the beautiful country and life around them as much as I have through Wollangarra.

Reference: IBAW18

BSB: 633000

Account No.: 139880017

Leonard Curmi

Hi! My name’s Leonard and I am super excited and grateful to have been chosen to represent Wollangarra on alpine walk 2018. I’ve been going to Woll since 2015, my stage 1 being my first experience of hiking and camping. I loved it so much that I’ve been back on many stage 2s and work parties in the last few years, and fallen in love with woll in the process. I remember after my stage 1 I eagerly checked out the Wollangarra website, and was amazed by the alpine walk description, packs weighing well over 20kg on a 150km hike! A little daunting at the time. I never imagined that I myself would be an alpine walker, it’s really a dream come true! My interests include playing saxophone, coin collecting and science. Hopefully I’ll also get some skills in photography during the walk, as I’ll be taking a camera to capture the amazing experience. The fundraising of course is a big part of the walk, and I have set up a go fund me page:, you can also donate by transferring to the following account:
Name: Wollangarra
BSB: 633000
Account no: 139880017
Please put ‘LCAW18’ in the description. Any donations are greatly appreciated! Sponsoring other young people to go on Wollangarra programs is a gift in itself, and it’s awesome that that’s the goal of this walk! I look forward to sharing my experience when I get back, and I’m super excited for the walk! (:

Serena Beddison

Aloha!! My name is Serena Beddison and I am lucky enough to be able to say… I am a 2018 alpine walker! To be chosen by Wollangarra is such an honour and a privilege. The opportunities Wollangarra has given me already is unreal; I have met some of my best friends, reached the top of some mighty mountains, tackled an alpaca, fed cute sheep, slept under our country’s beautiful stars, had endless laughs and have learnt how to live harmoniously in this beautiful world. Yet, Wollangarra hasn’t stopped there, they have now given me the opportunity to fundraise to help sponsor young people to have the same experience as me. After coming up to Wollangarra for my fifth year now, I couldn’t picture what I would be doing every holidays and every long weekend if I hadn’t of come up to Wollangarra on my first stage one so long ago. To make this happen for others, consider donating whatever you can, little or small, I appreciate any generosity that can be given.

Reference: SBAW18

BSB: 633000

Account No.: 139880017

The Alpine Walk

The Alpine Walk is a major event and fundraiser for Wollangarra and Mittagundi that occurs in the Easter school holidays each year. The walk is a huge and exciting undertaking, winding through some of Victoria’s most rugged and remote high country.

Five special young people are selected from Wollangarra and five from Mittagundi to take part in the walk, as well as a leader from each organisation. The young people selected have shown considerable support, enthusiasm and passion for Wollangarra or Mittagundi and have demonstrated their leadership and resilience capabilities on successive programs over the year preceding. Young people who take part in the Alpine Walk have a unique opportunity to grow and develop as young leaders and experience powerful personal growth.

This unique fundraising event will see them hike over 150 km through the Alpine National Park from Macalister Springs to Mittagundi (or vice versa). Over eleven days, these young people will hike over the Crosscut Saw, Mt Buggery, Mt Speculation, Mt Despair, the Razor, the Viking, through the Barry Range, over Mt Selwyn, Mt Murray, Mt Hotham, across the Bogong High Plains to Mt Nelse and finally down to Mittagundi. The country is difficult to navigate, unpredictable and unforgiving. At any time of the year a lovely sunny day can quickly turn into a freezing snowstorm.

Their packs weigh well over 20 kg and contain everything they need to live in an alpine environment for an extended period, including clothing, sleeping bags, tents, cooking gear, first aid supplies, food and water.

The young people who are selected not only have the physical challenge of this enormous hike and all the preparation involved, but also need to raise as much money as they can for Wollangarra.

Part of Wollangarra’s objective is to allow young people who couldn’t otherwise afford to come on an outdoor program to experience Victoria’s mountains and get involved in looking after them. The money the Alpine Walkers raise from undertaking the Alpine Walk goes directly towards sponsoring other young people to come and be a part of our program, as well as helping Wollangarra and Mittagundi cover the initial cost of the Alpine Walk for the following year.

So, please support our young people as they attempt to support others in the community. Donate today!