Alpine Walk

Alpine Walkers 2019

Charlotte Stubbles

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I have been coming up to Wollangarra since 2016. My interests include history, especially the British Royal Family’s history, Budgerigars, Hiking, Running, Travelling and listening to Spanish Music. Woll has helped me discover my love of hiking and being outdoors. So much so, I went Hiking around Costa Rica this year. If I hadn’t been influenced by Woll, I’m not sure if I would have gone at all. You could truly say that Woll is my happy place. What I love about Woll, is the kindness and accepting manner of everyone who is there. The feeling of good vibes, friendships and just lending a hand, is what it’s about. From weeding in Wollangarra’s glorious garden to putting water proofing on tents, so the next stage 1’s and 2’s can use them. I have gathered all these skills from Woll. I have been asked to complete the 150km Alpine Walk, in April next year and I’m over the moon. It is honestly such an amazing opportunity and I’m so grateful.  Woll has had a very positive impact on my life. The sheer desire to be up in the high country is something that I would have never thought would excite me, but it does.

Woll has taught me the importance of looking after and nourishing the environment and only then will the environment give us what we need. How we could all live much simpler and less complicated lives. To help young people, who can’t afford to come to Woll, eventually come to Woll. With the funds we raise, in preparation on this wonderful walk, is such a great honourable thing to do. Where the essence of living amongst a community of kind and unmaterialistic people, is so beneficial for a young person’s emotional growth. Is a truly amazing and I feel so privileged to be able to do it. It would be AMAZING if you could donate using the code.

Code:  CSAW19

BSB: 633000

Account No. 139880017

Brooke Lipscomb

I first came to Wollangarra Winter of 2017 and to say my introduction to this land and the surrounding alpine region was life changing, would be an understatement. The mountains and community here has taught me so deeply about myself, others and the environment we all share. I developed so many meaningful and powerful relationships with people, some of whom are now my closest friends. Wollangarra has provided myself and so many others with one magical moment after another. I am so grateful to be involved with this community. It has given me a place to thrive in being myself without judgment. Wollangarra is somewhere where every person is free of the negative aspects of society and able to embrace themselves and every moment around them.

Other than embracing this beautiful community, I enjoy playing netball for a local club, listening to live music with my mum, exploring my local beaches, painting, drawing and doing anything artsy, as well as travelling around the world.

I have been lucky enough to have been selected by Wollangarra to take part in 2019’s annual Alpine Walk with some other very special and wonderful humans. Together in April we will tackle a 150 kilometre hike heading from Wollangarra towards Mittagundi in hopes to raise money for more young people to experience the beautiful alpine areas many of us consider our second home. I would be so grateful and thankful for even the smallest of donations as every little bit helps. You can donate cash to me in person or directly to Wollangarra by donating the account below using my code.

Code:  BLAW19

BSB: 633000

Account No. 139880017

Tex Hallam

Hey there I’m Tex. It is safe to say that I’m addicted to Wollangarra. I absolutely love every time I come to Wollangarra and am super excited for this experience of Alpine Walk 2019. I am truely appreciative for being chosen for this incredible trip of a lifetime and I know it will be a part of my life forever.

I first came to Woll in 2016 with school and after doing work experience I was hooked and I find myself up at Woll nearly every holidays or long weekend. If I’m not up at Woll, I love playing basketball, play footy, fishing, surfing and playing ukulele. From partaking in Stage 1, 2 and 3 hikes I have learnt so much about conserving the environment and having a blast in the natural environment. I really want to raise as much money as possible so that other young people can benefit from and enjoying the beautiful natural environment as much as I have through Wollangarra. Sooo… please donate.

Code:  THAW19

BSB: 633000

Account No. 139880017

Jo Healy

Jo is a Year 12 student and can already predict how little time he will have for studying. Jo is best described as a bromantic, demon-slaughtering, work of cannon-fodder… Or maybe a Bachelor-obsessed Indian… or maybe a sexy Gay AND European young man… Depending on which shows you’ve seen him in. His ‘career’ onstage extends further than his 5 school plays, 3 school musicals and 2019 School Drama Captaincy as he is entering his 6th year of dance this year and he is, finally, going to try ballet. Jo is a firm believer that, aside from his Further Maths exams, the world is a better place when tech-free and in his spare time theorises how he could send humanity back to the “dark” age before electronics. Despite this, Jo has discovered a new love for digital photography and you can often find him tuning his ukulele with a new-fangled app on his phone. When he isn’t capturing the world on a (digital & metaphorical) canvas, jamming out to music that really doesn’t work on ukulele, or botching roles in productions Jo can be found either consuming all sorts of media or exploring and adventuring around his wide world. His love of this adventuring (and desire to get away from homework) lead him to Wollangarra, a place and community he has fallen in love with. Jo is thrilled to have been selected as an Alpine Walker and is very sure that this experience will come a close second, to World Challenge, as the best of his life. Due to him being paid minimum wage at Maccas (and doing minimum effort, mind) he would love it if you could donate. But he totally understands if you’d prefer to donate to the other walkers; they are by far some of the most amazing people Jo has ever met.

Code:  JHAW19

BSB: 633000

Account No. 139880017

Oliver Anderson

Hey y’all, My name is Oli and I’ve been coming to woll since October stage 2 in 2017. In my very first stage I  met almost all of my fellow Woll alpine hikers, who were all so incredibly friendly and helpful in getting me used to such a different yet amazing place. Using my experience from my stage 2 hikes and the Alpine hike I hope to be able to give back in a similar way and help build the loving and open community that was so welcoming to me when I first started. Since my first experience here, Woll has been the perfect place for me to express my love of hiking and the outdoors, something that’s been a part of me ever since I spent a year travelling around Australia with my family in 2012. During that year I also found a hobby in birdwatching and a passion for living life to its fullest. Alpine hike is an incredible combination of all these things and I’m so honoured by the opportunity to partake in it presented to me by the entire Wollangarra and Mittagundi community.

Code:  OAAW19

BSB: 633000

Account No. 139880017

The Alpine Walk

The Alpine Walk is a major event and fundraiser for Wollangarra and Mittagundi that occurs in the Easter school holidays each year. The walk is a huge and exciting undertaking, winding through some of Victoria’s most rugged and remote high country.

Five special young people are selected from Wollangarra and five from Mittagundi to take part in the walk, as well as a leader from each organisation. The young people selected have shown considerable support, enthusiasm and passion for Wollangarra or Mittagundi and have demonstrated their leadership and resilience capabilities on successive programs over the year preceding. Young people who take part in the Alpine Walk have a unique opportunity to grow and develop as young leaders and experience powerful personal growth.

This unique fundraising event will see them hike over 150 km through the Alpine National Park from Macalister Springs to Mittagundi (or vice versa). Over eleven days, these young people will hike over the Crosscut Saw, Mt Buggery, Mt Speculation, Mt Despair, the Razor, the Viking, through the Barry Range, over Mt Selwyn, Mt Murray, Mt Hotham, across the Bogong High Plains to Mt Nelse and finally down to Mittagundi. The country is difficult to navigate, unpredictable and unforgiving. At any time of the year a lovely sunny day can quickly turn into a freezing snowstorm.

Their packs weigh well over 20 kg and contain everything they need to live in an alpine environment for an extended period, including clothing, sleeping bags, tents, cooking gear, first aid supplies, food and water.

The young people who are selected not only have the physical challenge of this enormous hike and all the preparation involved, but also need to raise as much money as they can for Wollangarra.

Part of Wollangarra’s objective is to allow young people who couldn’t otherwise afford to come on an outdoor program to experience Victoria’s mountains and get involved in looking after them. The money the Alpine Walkers raise from undertaking the Alpine Walk goes directly towards sponsoring other young people to come and be a part of our program, as well as helping Wollangarra and Mittagundi cover the initial cost of the Alpine Walk for the following year.

So, please support our young people as they attempt to support others in the community. Donate today!