Alpine Walk

Alpine Walkers 2017


Catherine Nitz

My name is Catherine Nitz and I have been lucky enough to be selected for Alpine Walk 2017. I am 16 years old and from a small seaside town called Queenscliff. I am a huge fan of anything outdoors – crafts(origami, DIY, building things in general), sport, photography, hiking – you name it and I am sure I will enjoy it! I have been going to Wollangarra for the past 4 years and love everything about the place. The way you get there – a flying fox, the food – cooked on a fire or the wood stove and the community of amazing, quirky and unique people. I love Wollangarra because it brings people together from all different backgrounds to work together for a common good. Wollangarra lets me give back in a life changing way. They offer great programs and run awesome work parties. Your donation will allow another young person to experience what I have and more. To donate go to: and type in ‘Catherine’s Wollangarra Alpine Walk’


Fraser Gust

Hello all! My name is Fraser Gust and I’m a 16 year old stage 2er from Mornington. I came to Woll for the first time on a school camp in September 2015 and have come back whenever I’ve had the opportunity since. I love the simplicity, strong community and the emphasis on caring for the environment and the high country that Wollangarra provides. Wollangarra is so special and unique and I think I’m extremely lucky to have it in my life. Besides Woll, I also love photography. You might’ve seen some of my photos in Wollangarra newsletters or on the Facebook photo sharing page. I spend the rest of my time out of school either swimming or watching films really. I’m just super excited for The Alpine Walk and any support from this wonderful community would be greatly appreciated. You can donate to my alpine walk by going to or through the Wollangarra website. I really hope to come back with some great photos to share with everyone! I’m so grateful for any help and simply for being chosen to take part in this incredible adventure. Thanks!


Rachel Smith

For nearly 2 years i have had the pleasure of being involved in Wollangarra. I grew up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne near the city.  This has made me appreciate the beautiful fresh air and nature that Wollangarra has. It has not only taught me things about environmental conservation but also about myself. I wish to thank Wollangarra for these incredible experiences by raising as much money as possible to allow other young people like myself to have these experiences. I am extremely grateful for being picked for this walk as i love hiking up in the mountains, especially for such as good cause!

To donate i’ve set up a fundraising account at

Or you can donate straight to the Wollangarra account and write RSAW17

Huon - newsletter AW17

Huon Smith

My name is Huon Smith. I love playing guitar, surfing, spending time in forests and making things out of timber. I am humbled to be chosen for Alpine Walk. My fundraising project is building a lap steel slide guitar out of recycled timbers. If you want to support my fundraising, please donate to Wollangarra using the reference HSAW17. Or, spread the word to any slide guitar players you know that an instrument will be for sale later in the year!

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Olivia Flower

My name is Liv Flower, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Phillip Island. I’ve been coming up to Wollangarra since mid 2014, and in that short span of time it has become my second home.
Through Woll I’ve been able to explore the high country more and more each stage I go on, and Alpine Walk is going to be an epic opportunity to see more of the mountains! I’m so excited to get up there and witness some incredible views, be around wonderful people and do what I love most (hiking – if you didn’t know!). I am absolutely thrilled to have been asked to do Alpine Walk this year with the others, and it excites me for future adventures up in the mountains! Through the walk, the 5 of us will be raising some money for young people who might not otherwise be able to head up to Woll and experience the mountains. This is awesome because it means loads more young people can continue to come to Woll and spread the love (and jam). If you would like to donate to my alpine walk fund, please send a direct deposit to:
Acc name: Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre
Bendigo Bank BSB: 633000

Account No: 115822819

And put ‘OFAW17’ into the description so they know it’s for my fund!

The Alpine Walk

The Alpine Walk is a major event and fundraiser for Wollangarra and Mittagundi that occurs in the Easter school holidays each year. The walk is a huge and exciting undertaking, winding through some of Victoria’s most rugged and remote high country.

Five special young people are selected from Wollangarra and five from Mittagundi to take part in the walk, as well as a leader from each organisation. The young people selected have shown considerable support, enthusiasm and passion for Wollangarra or Mittagundi and have demonstrated their leadership and resilience capabilities on successive programs over the year preceding. Young people who take part in the Alpine Walk have a unique opportunity to grow and develop as young leaders and experience powerful personal growth.

This unique fundraising event will see them hike over 150 km through the Alpine National Park from Macalister Springs to Mittagundi (or vice versa). Over eleven days, these young people will hike over the Crosscut Saw, Mt Buggery, Mt Speculation, Mt Despair, the Razor, the Viking, through the Barry Range, over Mt Selwyn, Mt Murray, Mt Hotham, across the Bogong High Plains to Mt Nelse and finally down to Mittagundi. The country is difficult to navigate, unpredictable and unforgiving. At any time of the year a lovely sunny day can quickly turn into a freezing snowstorm.

Their packs weigh well over 20 kg and contain everything they need to live in an alpine environment for an extended period, including clothing, sleeping bags, tents, cooking gear, first aid supplies, food and water.

The young people who are selected not only have the physical challenge of this enormous hike and all the preparation involved, but also need to raise as much money as they can for Wollangarra.

Part of Wollangarra’s objective is to allow young people who couldn’t otherwise afford to come on an outdoor program to experience Victoria’s mountains and get involved in looking after them. The money the Alpine Walkers raise from undertaking the Alpine Walk goes directly towards sponsoring other young people to come and be a part of our program, as well as helping Wollangarra and Mittagundi cover the initial cost of the Alpine Walk for the following year.

So, please support our young people as they attempt to support others in the community. Donate today!