Working Bees

Even if you’ve never been to Wollangarra, it’s not too late to come, enjoy and lend a hand at this wonderful place. Everyone is welcome, please call us on the flat (51480492) to call as we have limited numbers for our working bees, and call to find out what food we’d love you to bring to contribute to the pot. Check out the info below and if it sounds like your thing, we’d love to have you.


  • We are situated 34 km north of Heyfield on the Licola Rd.
  • Follow the signs to Licola.
  • You will cross the Macalister River at Cheynes Bridge.
  • A few minutes later there is a sign that says ‘Hickeys Creek’.
  • Our front gate is on the left after the Hickeys Creek sign.
  • You will see some cars and a forty-four gallon drum on its side, which is our letter box.
  • Park here and walk in to the flying fox (a 20 minute walk through the front paddock).
  • Follow the track until you reach the flying fox.
  • Once you reach the flying fox cooee for assistance.
  • It helps if we know to expect you so please call ahead from Heyfield.

There is also a public transport option, where we can pick you up. Please call Wollangarra for more information.

What to bring:

  • A Working With Children Check – if you haven’t got one already you can get one for free HERE
  • If you’re under 18, don’t forget your event permission form and medical form.
  • Food to share (stuff we can use to cook for every one, like veggies and meat and of course a few goodies)
  • Sleeping bag and pillow case (we have bunk beds for you to sleep in or you may bring your own tent).
  • A smile and a positive attitude
  • A torch and old clothes

What not to bring:

  • Alcohol – these are all age events
  • We have very protective alpacas, so please leave your dogs at home

Before you come:

Please call us to confirm your arrival and so we can tell you any specifics. The number is (03) 5148 0492.

Event Permission  Under 18 Medical Form