Babysitting 2017

If you enjoy coming up to Wollangarra and want a bit of a holiday, then have a look below (or on the calendar page) for possible babysitting dates. We (the staff) leave the flat at various times throughout the year for holidays, staff training and weekends off, etc. and we need someone here to keep an eye on things.

As a babysitter, your responsibilities may include locking up the chooks each night or perhaps turning the sprinklers on the veggie patch in summer. We leave any necessary instructions and all contact phone numbers. We also have many local friends willing to help if you ever find yourself in a pickle. You can come up for a cozy winter weeks holiday by the fire and do some day hikes and you are welcome to bring up a couple of friends for the week / weekend. It is best if you have been to Wollangarra before, and can arrive before all the staff leave, as we will need to show you a few things.

Please have a look at our calendar for dates that might suit and give us a call to organise a date. All you need to bring is your food, bedding (i.e. linen) and walk in from the front gate. Also, if we require a babysitter for two weeks (like on our mid-year break) and you can’t commit to the entire duration, please call anyway, as we can often find people to fill in the gaps.

Looking forward to hearing from you!