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An exciting opportunity awaits….

Wollangarra is seeking one or two people to fill the position of Director/s from January 2020, but we can be flexible with start time. The tenure is for 1 – 3 years.

Director Position Description

There’s something about Wollangarra. Something that draws you in. It is a simple lifestyle, living without electricity, eating home-cooked wholesome meals with great people sitting around a fire. Definitely the simple things.

Directing at Wollangarra is challenging, but a deeply rewarding experience. Director/s (and their family) have the opportunity to live onsite and work closely with a team of dedicated staff members, taking young people hiking into and educating them about the mountains. 

Here’s what some previous Directors have said of their experience:

“As Director, I loved getting to know the staff I worked with so well, it was like we were family. Raising two small children there; my boys had the privilege of getting to know lots of big brothers and sisters – many of whom are still a part of their lives 10 years on! Having worked for many years as an outdoor educator, I struggled getting to know young people for a week and sharing a really special outdoor experience with them, only to never see them again. That’s something that is really special about Wollangarra, is that for those young people who it resonates with, they return time and time again. I’ve watched the young people I knew while directing at Woll, grow from teenagers into adults, some now with families of their own. I would highly recommend taking on this adventure, regardless of if you are a single person, couple or family…it’s an experience unlike any other.” Josie 2007-2010

“Places like Wollangarra are so special and such a treat for us to educate and be educated in. It is so rewarding for us to see changes in young people and changes in ourselves.” Joey 2000 – 2002

It (Directing) has been an extraordinary two years. I knew it would be amazing, and I have not been disappointed. Thanks to all those people who have opened their doors, their hearts, and most importantly their fridges, to me. When asked why I came to Wollangarra, the reasons I came up with were Change, Challenge and Community. I got all that, and a lot more, and I thank every person who I have met while out here for their contribution to my experience. I feel that I have shaped Woll in some way, but it has definitely shaped me.” Ross 2005 – 2007

“What a fulfilling three years we have had at Wollangarra. Always something full of purpose and meaningful to be done. We have learnt so much from so many people. We have had heaps of adventures in some of the most beautiful places in Victoria. What an amazing place to live and work and share with our family. All the hard yakka has been totally worth it.” Simmo 2007-2010

The following video was originally made for staff members thinking of working at Wollangarra for a year, however it gives a good picture of what life at Woll is like.

Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre from Jeremy Beasley on Vimeo.

If you think you have the ability, experience and willingness to take on this unique role then please click on the position description below and send through an application. Please direct any questions via email to or you can phone the homestead on (03) 5148 0492. 

Director Position Description

We look forward to hearing from you.